Roblox Captive Codes Full List (June 2020) Working!

By | May 8, 2020

Have you ever tried checking out Roblox Captive Codes 2020? don’t worry during this article, I will be able to show you about Roblox Captive Codes 2020. All Captive Codes are valid in one note – Roblox Game by Red Riptide. Of course, we update the records with each new code, so what you see is what you’ll redeem.

Here may be a brief description of the Captive game. This game has been played by 814 players, there are 11.6 million players who visit this game, Max Players who can play are 5 players. Immediately, don’t need to linger anymore let’s check out the code below

Roblox Captive Codes ( Active )

  • MULLETS – You received $500 cash
  • FROSTY – You received $1000 cash
  • VIBE – You received $200 cash
  • MULLETMAFIA – You received $100 cash
  • Transrights – You received $100 cash

Right now, you’ll find the only reputable code we’ve. we’ll update the newest code as soon as possible which can assist you to enjoy enjoying this sort of Roblox game. As a result, just visit our website subsequent working day to urge the latest code.

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Roblox Captive Codes ( Expired )

Codes only last a limited amount of your time before they expire, so be quick and don’t allow them to expire:

  • discord: You receive redeem it and obtain 500 cash
  • stages: You receive redeem it and obtain 500 cash
  • BUNDLE: You receive redeem it and obtain 50 cash
  • snowday: You receive redeem it and obtain 100 cash
  • snowday: You receive redeem it and obtain 100 cash
  • release: You receive redeem it and obtain 100 cash

How to Redeem Codes on Roblox Captive

Click on the twitter icon, the last button of the proper side of the screen, enter the code within the new window, and claim your reward. It’s quite simpleRoblox Captive Codes 2020 (New Codes) Work

Final World

That’s the article about Roblox Captive Codes 2020 that we provide, hopefully you will be helped. hoping to update the code for the next Roblox Captive game. If you have a question or code that doesn’t work or is out of date, be happy to let us know in the comments column. Thank you for visiting.

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