How to Make a Group in Robux (June 2020)

By | May 19, 2019

There are a number of things you should know about the Roblox group. The first is to fulfill the Roblox Community Rules. There are several rules, namely that images may not be racist, do not contain sexual content, do not contain violent content, do not contain hateful content, do not contain harassment, etc. In this case, you have to make sure everything will be okay.How to make a group in Roblox

What’s Group in Robux?

The second is the file type of the Roblox group logo must be jpg or png. So, if your Roblox group logo file is not jpg or png, please change it to one of them. You can use several applications to convert files online and offline. If you don’t have the slightest idea, please ask someone to help you do it. The third is about size. Apparently, the max image size is 256 x 256. Actually, you can upload larger ones. However, you should know that in the end the image will be changed back to 256 x 256. So, please think beforehand, unless you want your image to look unclear. The fourth is the picture must be in the form of a box. If it’s not square, it will be filled so that it becomes square.

One of the most important things in creating a Roblox group logo is that the logo must represent your group. For example, if this is a swimming club, you can add a picture of someone swimming in the pool. You can also add microphones, tapes, and people who sing if it’s about group singing. Regardless of the design and items in it, the color you choose is also important.

When you successfully create the Roblox group logo, it is time for you or the group owner to attach the image to the group. To do this, first click Groups in the navigation bar on the left side of the screen. Second, find the group in the question and click. Third, click the Group Admin button located at the top right of the page. Fourth, click Group Info which can be found on the left. Fifth, select File and search and select the image you want to upload. Sixth, after the image is selected, please click Open. Seventh, click the Save button.

If an explanation of how to create a Roblox group logo is not enough, you can visit the official Roblox website to read it yourself. If you have questions about the Roblox group logo, the same site can be a source of information for you. If you feel you want to stop making the Roblox group logo, ask someone who is an expert at making the Roblox group logo. There are many designers that you can see to get help. And you can also fill in the comments column that we have provided.