Clicker Story Codes 2020 ( October 2020 ) Working!

By | October 15, 2020

In this article, we will discuss Clicker Story Codes 2020. It’s an easy and free way to earn rewards in Clicker Story. we will provide a complete list of Codes for Roblox Clicker Story. I will not only give you a list of codes, but we will also teach you to learn how to use and redeem this code with the simple steps we provide.Clicker Story Codes 2020 ( October 2020 )

About Clicker Story Codes

Clicker Story Codes is a set of promo codes that have been released from time to time by game developers. These codes can make your gaming journey very fun and interesting. when you successfully redeem the code, you will get gold and other prizes as a reward.
By using your reward redeem code, you can buy items. You can easily improve your game character and improve your gaming skills. As a result, you can stay longer in the game and can score higher. And get ready to reach the top of the leader board or the highest level!

Clicker Story Codes ( Active )

Get Robux and other prizes by redeeming the code that we provide below, the code may expire, so you must redeem it immediately.

  • 4M: Redeem and you will receive a Free Gift
  • SnugLife: Exchange it and you will receive a SnugLife Pet Gift
  • 2M: Redeem and you will receive a 2x Upgrade
  • Flamingo: Exchange and you will receive a Pet Flamingo
  • Razor: J Exchange it and you will receive a Razor Pet
  • Gravy: J Exchange and you will receive a Gravy Pet
  • Russo: Exchange and you will receive a Russo Pet

Stay tuned and keep visiting our website because we will update it as soon as there is new code that has been tested

Clicker Story Codes ( Expired )

  • None

The code that we provide below is a code that used to exist but is now no longer available or expired, but don’t worry if you have redeemed the code you won’t lose what you got.

How to Redeem Codes Clicker Sory Roblox Game

How to redeem the code above is very easy and simple, first you have to enter first in the game then Click the button on the right side of the main screen, bird under settings, then enter the code we provide above in a new window (under twitter code ) and then click redeem.

How to Play Clicker Story Roblox Game

Update 5.5 Patch Notes:

NEW CODE “1M” for 30 minutes you will get 2x Clicks, 2x Gems and Faster


  • TRIPLE HATCH upgrade
  • Daily Rewards give you 15 minutes x2 Clicks
  • Triple Hatch and Auto Hatch Gamepasses
  • replaced with +1 Pet Rarity and Auto Evolve

The game rules of Clicker Story are very simple: click to get click, explore different worlds, fight in boss fights and his men and other enemies in the game and of course you have to buy pets to get stronger! And get ready to become the strongest and go to the highest level!

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